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Social Media

At Highfurlong we are immensely proud of our children and young people and all their achievements. We believe that the wider community should be able to share in the successes that our pupils enjoy. To this end we make good use of social media.

Through the use of Facebook and Twitter we are able to improve communication with parents and carers which is important to us. We are able to share in real time what our pupils are doing in school and our parents tell us that they value this opportunity to engage with school. Parents have informed us that they enjoy the pictures and videos we share on a daily basis and they actively seek out our updates.

Through the use of Social Media we are also able to communicate important messages at the click of a mouse should it become necessary. We are able to update parents of any new events before their child arrives home.

Our Facebook page is enormously popular and we are proud to say that we have 880 people in our Facebook community. Similarly, our Twitter page has 1,751 followers and is extremely popular. Local businesses, the wider community and friends and parents seek out our social media updates.

As a school team we are aware that by using social media we need to be mindful of safeguarding for our pupils. To this end we employ an outside agency to closely monitor our Facebook page. In the unlikely event that any inappropriate activity takes place it is removed immediately. Parents and carers are asked for written permission for their children to feature on our social media pages. We have taken the decision to have ‘one voice’ of Highfurlong to ensure that our message to our community is consistent and always contains the same positive message regarding our children and young people. We do not name our children on-line and we respectfully ask that parents and carers adhere to this rule in order to add an extra layer of safeguarding.

Our pupils enjoy being selected to exhibit their work on our Facebook and Twitter pages and they enjoy seeing and hearing comments from others regarding their work. We would like to thank everyone for making this such a positive experience for our children.

If you have not visited our social media pages yet, please  us on Facebook and us on Twitter.