Adult Curriculum & GCSE & External Accreditation

Adult curriculum

As our students move into “Key stage 4” and “Key stage 5”, teachers will assess whether students are able to access external accreditation including Entry levels and GCSEs. Some students need to continue with a more sensory and accessible curriculum. These students will have accessed engagement steps previously and subject specific assessment was not accessible for them. The adult curriculum focuses on literacy and numeracy skills and gives students small, achievable targets.

All students who access the Adult curriculum also have access to the “Extended Curriculum.


It is very important to us that we challenge each individual to achieve the highest possible level possible that they can. Some of our students who may not be able to access mainstream highschool, are still able to access “GCSE’s” in specific subjects. We encourage our students to access support for GCSEs at the mainstream highschool Aspire Academy if they are able to. Some of our students access GCSE’s within our setting also.

All students who access GCSEs also have access to the “Extended Curriculum.

External accreditation

Once students reach Key stage 4 and 5, we aim to give all students access to external accreditation. Within our school personal pathways are highly important and we ensure that we choose external accreditation n options which tailor to the needs of our students. We aim to challenge them with high expectations but also provide opportunities to succeed with the best possible outcome. Within the “Key stage 4” and “Key stage 5” links you can find information about external accreditation which we currently offer at Highfurlong.

All students who access External accreditation also have access to the “Extended Curriculum“.

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