We use three broad overarching forms of assessment: day-to-day in-school formative assessment, in-school summative assessment and nationally standardised summative assessment where possible. This includes some pupils, where appropriate, accessing national assessments including Phonics Screening, Year 4 multiplications check, SAT’s and GCSE’s.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) students are assessed using B-Squared EYFS assessment tool. This splits the early learning goals into small achievable steps for our students. They will then access a ‘Sensory’ or ‘Academic’ pathway when they move into key stage one.

Academic Pathway
The Academic Pathway is suitable for students who are working above the equivalent to a P level 6 to National Curriculum Level 5+. They will be assessed using the B-Squared connecting steps national curriculum and P-levels tool in English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, E-Safety, PSHE and Citizenship. Whilst following this pathway, if they are able, students will access key stage one and two tests. They will also be assessed against the key stage one and two Pre- Key stage standards alongside b- squared.

Sensory Pathway
The Sensory Pathway is suitable for our sensory students who are working below the equivalent to a P Level 6. They will be assessed using the B-Squared Engagement steps tool. This tool helps teachers to set small achievable goals within the four areas of need; cognition and learning, communication and interaction, sensory and physical and social, emotional and mental health.

Running alongside our Sensory and Academic Pathways is the B-Squared assessment tool – Autism Progress. This tool is used for students who are on the Autistic spectrum and allows us to show progress in areas which may not usually be assessed and monitored. Often due to barriers and needs, students with autism can struggle to access lessons and show progress within the curriculum. They can also be showing excellent progress in other skills and it is useful to monitor this progress and allows us to celebrate every success. Autism Progress allows us to monitor progress through small achievable steps within communication, social interaction, emotional regulation and flexibility of thought.

Key Stage 5
As students enter key stage 5 they are baselined on the B-Squared ‘Adult Curriculum’ which links closely to external qualifications in Mathematics and English. Throughout key stage 5 student progress is assessed within Mathematics and English using the Adult Curriculum whilst we continue to assess progress in Citizenship, PSHE, Computing and E-safety using the B-Squared connecting steps National Curriculum and P-levels tool.

External Accreditation
Students on both Academic and Sensory Pathways will access external accreditation at key stage 4 and key stage 5. Depending on the ability and interests of students, teachers will deliver externally accredited courses such as Entry Levels, Asdan modules and functional skills. Students who are able will have the opportunity to access GCSE’s. All external accreditation is chosen to support learners for their preparation into adulthood.