At Highfurlong we pride ourselves on rewarding all of our pupils for all the efforts they make. Through their endeavours to be the best they possibly can, they achieve in many areas of the curriculum and in the wider life of school and the local community.



Every Friday afternoon we celebrate achievements within a whole school assembly. Pupils receive certificates for various achievements including good manners, reading, writing, good behaviour and excellent work within the curriculum and through areas of sports and communication . Students can receive the  ‘Lunchtime Award’ from our cook, who keeps a keen eye on the students diet and well being.

Across the school we have adopted the Class Dojo System. This system allows any member of staff to allocate ‘dojos’ to students, under the areas of ‘hard work, presentation, great insight, creativity and helping others.’ Once the points are added together at the end of the week, one pupil from each class receives the Dojo Award and certificate. Across the school, the overall highest score then also receives ‘School Dojo Champion Award’. This is a highly sought after reward. Students are highly motivated by this system and it has shown to increase determination and raise self esteem.

Each class also competes for the weekly attendance award, which has helped to contribute to the rise in school attendance.

Students show appreciation of others hard work and achievements and take pride in what others have done.

At present, the School Council are organising badges for students who are ‘school helpers or  ambassadors’ who take time out of their own time or lunch breaks to support  or help others.

All students in Key Stages 4 and 5 collate their achievement s and certificates in a Record of Achievement file, which they can display when applying for colleges, jobs or volunteering.

The achievement file goes with the students when they leave Highfurlong and is a wonderful record of all their hard work and success.

This year saw pupils take part in extra curricular activities such as sports clubs, lunchtime clubs, school holiday excursions and A.I.R, Youth club and film club, to name a few.

At the end of each school year Highfurlong celebrate the students continuing success by awarding certificates and cash vouchers for each class where students have achieved through Endeavour, Effort, Attendance and Achievement.

At Highfurlong we like to celebrate with a whole school year end ceremony to wish all our leavers well, on their journey from Highfurlong.

Also, at this event all pupils in the school have the chance to be awarded trophies such as the Eddy Jackson Communication Award, the Damian Borland Award, Outstanding Sports Award, Outstanding Maths Award and the Overall General Achievement Award.

These awards are very prestigious and students need to prove throughout the year that they are deserving winners. These trophies and awards are then engraved with the present year winner and displayed in the school awards cabinet in the school reception area.

At Highfurlong we believe in encouraging, promoting and awarding all the achievements and successes that our pupils strive to achieve, often through difficult circumstances and personal limitations.

Hence our motto, Inspire, Challenge, Believe which leads our students to success.

Winners of the Blackpool Civic Trust Schools Environment Award (for Senior Schools) 2016.
Presentation of the Diamond Jubilee Shield April 2017