Autism Progress

Autism progress is a fantastic tool to show progress for students on the Autistic spectrum.

Autism progress is an additional tool to run alongside the curriculum and other areas of assessment.

For example, a student using autism progress will also be assessed within an academic area depending on their age and level such as EYFS or Connecting steps. Students will continue to access the “EYFS”, “Key stage 1&2”, “Key stage 3”, “Key stage 4”  or “Key stage 5” Curriculum.

Adding this to our curriculum offer means that we can show progress in areas which may not usually be assessed and monitored. Often due to barriers and needs, students with autism can struggle to access lessons and show progress within the curriculum. They can also be showing excellent progress in other skills and it is useful to monitor this progress and allows us to celebrate every success. Autism progress allows us to monitor progress through small achievable steps within the following areas:

  1. Communication (Expressing and receiving informations, physical function, cognitive capabilities, social awareness)
  2. Social interaction (Cooperation to connect with people and abide by agreed standards of behaviour, personal independence, engagement of others, environment/ wider world)
  3. Flexibility of thought (Coping with change, contingency plans and explore new concepts, plan and predict outcomes, coping strategies, exploration of imaginative and creative pursuits)
  4. Emotional regulation (Perceive emotions, control reactions, express feelings, emotional well-being, awareness of self, control of self, expression of self.)