Careers Pathway

Careers Lead:  

Mark Birtles 

01253 392188


From Early Years to Key Stage 5, our pupils explore employment and community roles. Younger learners engage through topic-based learning and play, supported by job-related role-play materials. Highfurlong School instils high aspirations, ensuring all learners grasp career and work opportunities for equal chances.

In Key Stages 4 and 5, students pursue external accreditations, adapting our offerings to align with personalised learning pathways. This includes Entry Level qualifications, ASDAN Short courses, Work Related Learning, and Personal Development opportunities. We prioritise multiple opportunities for students to learn about work, employment, and valued workplace skills. Enrichment activities include speakers, group workplace visits, individual work experience placements, mentoring, and enterprise programs.

Our network of local businesses provides diverse experiences across sectors, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the job market. Highfurlong actively collaborates with employers, encouraging visits to school for valuable partnership opportunities.

Career Action Plans
Our career action plans are a dynamic planning document owned and managed by young people with the support of staff, parents, community members and other trusted adults. They are intended to reflect their increased career development learning. The plan helps young people:

  • set their goals
  • clarify the actions
  • needed to achieve these goals
  • commit to participating in the planned activities

Using the career action plan
Young people at Highfurlong will complete a career action plan every year from years 7 to 12. The plan will be continually revised to reflect career development activities taken throughout the year. Maintaining a plan is an ongoing process, not a one-off activity.

Components of the career action plans

Years 7 to 10
The plans contain a range of components that develop progressively across years 7 to 10. The components reflect the three stages of career development. The components include:

  • My profile: Self-development information to assist young people to understand themselves and the influences on them through identification of interests, values and skills.
  • My progress: Self-development information to assist young people to reflect on their experiences and achievements over the past year.
  • My goals and plans: Self-development information to assist young people to develop their capabilities, and career exploration information to encourage location, investigation and consideration of opportunities in learning and future work options.
  • My review: Career management information to assist young people to adjust their career action plans and manage their life choices, changes and transitions.

Years 11 and 12
The career action plans for young people in years 11 and 12 concentrate on career management information, address career choices and the attributes and skills required to achieve them. The additional components include:

  • My future: Career exploration information to assist young people to consider attributes, skills, education/training requirements, courses and labour market information relating to their career choices.
  • My plan: Career management information to assist young people to reflect on past goals before setting new goals that align with their career choices.