Curriculum Overview

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At Highfurlong, we understand that each and every student is unique and because of this, every student receives a completely personalised learning experience. Our curriculum takes into account the different needs of our very special students therefore is broad and adaptable. We have a range of pathways which are tailored to each student to ensure that they develop holistically including personal, physical, intellectual and social development. We have high expectations of all our students and strive to support them to become confident and motivated learners through broad and stimulating learning experiences. Our aim is to foster a love of learning, to make learning fun, stimulating and interesting and to develop independence to prepare our students for adult life. The progress of each pupil is regularly assessed to inform next steps and to guide the work of the teachers.

Strong communication with parents is key to ensure our students needs are being met and their progress is being shared. We hold annual reviews and have regular discussions with parents and carers regarding progress and we encourage education to continue at home. Our amazing evidence system ‘seesaw’ allows us to create learning journals showing progress through photo’s and video’s which is shared through an app with parents and carers.

Through our curriculum, we aim to enable our students to;

  • Be positive, happy and excited to learn

  • Learn in a way which meets their needs

  • Achieve and progress to their full potential

  • Develop social, moral, spiritual and understanding

  • Learn basic English, maths and computing skills

  • Access all the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) and locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education

  • Learn about British values and to understand right from wrong

  • Positive citizens and part of a community

  • Be confident, have high self esteem and to be resilient

  • Be creative, imaginative and develop their own thinking

  • Be able to keep themselves safe and healthy

  • Access phonics sessions to support and develop effective readers “Phonics

Our curriculum pathway shows how we are able to tailor the curriculum for individuals, place them on a learning journey, plan where we expect them to progress through their personal journey, show clear progression and adapt and change the individual pathways when needed.  To view our curriculum offer please click on the image below.






EHCP/ Review IEP targets

All of our students have an Education and health care plan (EHCP) and parents/ carers and professionals attend annual reviews to discuss provision, progress and the future. Within the EHCP and reviews students are given highly personalised targets which we assess against throughout the year leading to their next review meeting. EHCP and review targets are an integral part of curriculum planning and assessment.

P.E assessment

Due to the complex needs of the students at Highfurlong, with the basic assessment inspired by another school, we have developed our own assessment tailored to our school. Students show progress in the four areas; Movement, skills and techniques, communication and cooperation and skills for life. They are assessed from experiencing activities with full physical support to a high level of skill and independence. It provides all students with accessible and achievable small steps which can show progress for all abilities.