EdTech Demonstrator School

Highfurlong School is part of a consortium with Ribblesdale High School and Hambleton Primary Academy.

The DfE and delivery partners have identified twenty schools and colleges which have demonstrated excellence in their use of technology to support teaching and learning and have the capacity to help others. Highfurlong as part of a consortium have offered school to school support to over 80 schools nationally since 2020.

These schools and colleges represent a wide range of contexts, from rural to urban and primary to further education and include a number of Trusts with special needs provision. Demonstrator Schools and Colleges will offer packages of support, ranging from guidance, online tutorials, webinars and recorded content.

Advice and training will be available to some schools and colleges across the country which are most in need of support, for example those which have recently deployed a new online learning platform and those with the most disadvantaged learners.

Highfurlong School is the only SEND school in the country to have this status. Highfurlong has a long tradition of using technology to support learners with higher needs. We have wide experience of using technology to facilitate and enhance communication allowing pupils to show their individual personalities and share their thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes instead of others presuming and thinking for them. Our strategic vision is that assistive technology becomes a lifelong, lifesaving tool for our pupils.

Some of the support we have delivered includes: 
Early Switch Skills
Text to Speech
Symbol based software
Alternative Forms of Communication
Introduction to Assistive Technology
EdTech for SEND
Using Visuals

If you feel you would like support in this area please contact Erica Smith on: 01253 392188