Engagement Steps

Engagement steps is aimed at students who are not yet able to learn in subject specific lessons. The students who will access engagement steps have profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) or severe learning difficulties (SLD). Students can access engagement steps within the curriculum of  “Key stage 1 and 2” and “Key stage 3”.

The engagement steps give teachers a way of assessing these students using small, achievable assessment points. Engagement steps support practitioners to engage and support pupils across the 4 areas of need. This includes; Cognition and learning, communication and interaction, Sensory and/ or physical development and social, emotional and mental health. This is a key area within SEN schools which is a main focus due to the expectation of the annual reviews. With the additional data of the engagement steps, this will provide key and detailed information to share at review meetings. The overall aim of the engagement steps is to ensure students are developing the right concepts and skills to that are prerequisites for progressing on to subject-specific learning. Once individual students meet the requirements at engagement step 4-6, teachers will decide whether they are ready to move on to subject specific learning within Connecting steps. If the students cannot access they will continue to use the engagements steps until they reach Key stage 4 and where they will access the adult curriculum.

All students who access engagements steps also have access to the “Extended curriculum.