Enterprise and Personal Development

At Highfurlong, our learners embark on an ‘ENTERPRISE’ journey integrated into their curriculum. This unique programme empowers pupils to embrace entrepreneurship, starting their own businesses and generating profits. Beginning in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and continuing through Key Stage 5, learners assume responsibility for running the school shop ‘The Gift Box’.
This holistic enterprise journey fosters the development of confidence, skills, and qualities essential for a realistic understanding of business and working life. 
Tokens earned through the profits of each class’s business ideas are entered into an Enterprise Credit system. Learners actively participate in deciding how to spend or save their reward tokens, establishing a direct link between hard work and financial rewards. This hands-on experience equips them with practical insights into the principles of entrepreneurship and the dynamics of the business world.

We prioritise the development of essential life skills at Highfurlong, aiming to equip our pupils with the practical knowledge and capabilities necessary for navigating the complexities of the real world. This encompasses a broad spectrum of skills, including but not limited to, personal hygiene routines such as washing and self-care, culinary abilities through cooking experiences, and maintaining a clean and organised living space through tidying activities.

Our life skills curriculum is thoughtfully designed to be inclusive, recognising the diverse needs and abilities of our learners. By focusing on these fundamental life skills, we aim to instill a sense of independence and self-sufficiency in our pupils. This approach fosters a holistic educational experience that empowers students with the tools they need for daily living and future success. Through hands-on activities and targeted instruction, we cultivate a learning environment that prepares our pupils to confidently engage with the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood.