External Accreditations

KS4 (Years 10 and 11)

At Highfurlong we understand that each and every student is unique and because of this every student receives a completely personalised learning experience. All key stage 4 pupils will access a bespoke external accreditation pathway, that meets their needs.  All pupils study the core curriculum subjects, at an appropriate examination or assessment level.

Entry Level Certificates (ELC) 

The Entry Level Certificate targets 14- to 16-year-old students working at a level below that required for a grade 1 at GCSE.   It is designed as a two-year course for learners at Entry Levels 1 to 3, either as a route towards GCSE or for learners who are unable to attain a GCSE at Foundation tier.  If a pupil is working above an Entry 3 in Key Stage 4 we can the move onto the Functional Skills Entry Level qualifications.   We have an option of delivering the following Entry Level Certificates:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science 

The exam boards we currently use for Entry Level Certificates are Edexcel and Pearson.

At KS4 we also offer the following ASDAN courses to our learners;

  • Towards Independence (TI)
  • My Independence – Transforming Aspirations and Realising Aspirations

KS5 (Years 12-14)

At Key Stage 5 our students follow personalised pathways. The changes in the curriculum reflect an emphasis in preparing our students for life outside of school and compliments the learning in KS4.

We empower our students to be confident, independent and responsible young people. They are increasingly able to make informed choices concerning their future.

Highfurlong School has high aspirations and expectations for all our learners and within KS5 all students access external accreditation, Highfurlong offer changes in order to meet the personalised learning pathways of our students and may include;

  • Entry Level Certificates (Pearson and EdExcel)
  • Asdan
  • Functional Skills
  • Work related learning
  • Enterprise