Highfurlong School converted to an academy on 1st April 2024.  The school is now part of Synergy Education Trust.

The Trust’s governance structure is made up of members, trustees and local governing boards. Within this structure there is a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience across the education landscape. The responsibilities of the Trust are governed by the Articles of Association and schemes of delegation, which outline the devolved responsibilities of the Trustees and Local Governing Board.   For further information please go to www.seteducation.org.uk/about-us/governance  

Local Governing Board

Local Governing Boards (LGB) are committees of the Trust.  The LGB is established by the Trust Board in accordance with the Articles of Association of the Trust.  The LGB is subject to the Terms of Reference set out below which detail the responsibilities of the LGB and its relationships with the Trust Board.

Highfurlong has a long and proud partnership with the governing board.  The governors at Highfurlong School work collaboratively with leaders in school. They are responsible for making sure the school continues to provide outstanding quality education for all pupils. Ensuring there is a relentless drive to raise educational standards in school is a key priority. This happens when there are high expectations of what pupils can achieve.

Governors promote effective ways of teaching and learning when setting the school aims and policies. They do this together with the Head of School, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.

  • to ensure the school has a clear strategic vision, which agrees with the wider strategic direction of the Trust, 
  • to receive regular assurance on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the curriculum, 
  • to monitor standards and performance of the education provided so that it supports successful pupil outcomes, 
  • to work with senior leaders to identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to address them in line with the trust strategic objectives
  • to maintain an oversight for staff and pupil wellbeing as part of the safeguarding and behaviour management in school,
  • to maintain oversight that effective safeguarding arrangements are in place and are operating in the school,
  • to provide a link with parents, carers and the local community that the school serves,
  • to work in partnership with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) and other stakeholders across the MAT community to ensure that pupils with SEND are well supported and included in all aspects of life
  • to establish a strong relationship with the Head of School in order to provide effective support and challenge.
  • to ensure that the trust policy for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) is implemented and adapted to the specific school context where necessary.

Christine Russell

Chair of Governors Co opted Governor

Helen Brough

Co Vice Chair
Co opted Governor

Chantelle Altham

Staff Governor

Erica Smith

Co opted Governor

Michelle Stewart

Parent Governor

Janette Weafer

Co opted Governor

Elaine Cluet

Associate Member

Andy Martin

Associate Member