Our approach to homework

At Highfurlong we recognise the value of students learning at home and see this as a means of strengthening the educational process. Homework within Highfurlong is dependant upon the key stage the student belongs to and takes into account their specific learning needs.



Using online learning in the event of absence or school closure

  • What is e-Learning?

This is electronic learning that is made possible and supported through the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in school and at home. Whatever the technology being used by the individual learning, it is at the core of the educational journey. Undoubtedly, eLearning involves engaging in a wide range of learning activities, both inside and outside school, including the use of ICT to support lifelong learning for families.

  • What is a VLE?

At Highfurlong we have developed a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). We are using the computer/tablet-based learning environment of Seesaw.  The advantage of using Seesaw for online learning during individual absence or whole school closure is that it can be accessed from any computer, tablet device or smartphone with internet access in the world. This in turn allows staff to continue Highfurlong’s educational offer whilst our students are at home.

  • E-Learning at Home

If families have an internet connection at home, their child will be able to access their own class journal feed on Seesaw and thus interact with their peers in a safe and controlled way.  Unlike the parent’s app, students will be able to view posts from other members of their class, like and comment on them, following approval from the class teacher.  

Please find below information regarding COVID-19 arrangements for our school.

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Highfurlong Remote Learning Plan

Whole School Risk Assessment

Letter to parents

Additional information for parents

Blackpool council information; Returning to school

We’re changing the way we deliver our remote learning for our students

From the 9th November, any students who are absent from their class will be given the opportunity to join live Zoom video calls.  These calls will allow the students to experience the lesson, taught by their class teacher, which they would be enjoying in the classroom.

Zoom call invitations will be sent out via Seesaw directly to the parents and students.

Following the Zoom call, the students will be sent tailored Seesaw activities which relate to the lesson they joined via Zoom.  You will be able to access these by opening the student Seesaw app on a device or visiting app.seesaw.me on a computer.  Once there, click on the ‘Activities’ tab to complete the teachers challenges.

We will be offering three Zoom calls each day for any students absent from school followed by three individual Seesaw activities corresponding to the learning. 

Should a Zoom call not be appropriate for a particular class then staff will pre-record a short lesson which will be sent directly to the absent student.  They will still receive 3 Seesaw activities a day to further support the learning of the classroom.

We’ve made some useful slides to help our staff complete remote learning for their students.  The same instructions can be used to help students at home add items to our school Seesaw. 

Below you will find our previous weekly plans.  To find the scheme tailored for you child, click on the key stage they are in to gain access to a Google Drive document with links for each subject.

If your child is absent from school we have put together a range of learning resources which can be accessed from home.

Click on the tabs to the right of the screen to access information about our home learning programs which parents and students can access.

RM Easimaths

RM Easimaths is an online programme designed to help pupils make confident progress in mathematics. The program has over 12,000 topics covering ages 4-12 and offers students an effective online, independent learning tool with which to build upon their pre-existing knowledge whilst at home. Each student has their own individual login username and their ability level is set in school to ensure the best possible outcome for their continued learning and progress. Students can access RM Easimaths through the website https://www.rmeasimaths.com/Easimaths/Account/Login.

Seesaw Activities

Whilst students are connected to Seesaw at home, their class teacher may add a Seesaw activity to their class.  These activities are non-compulsory and will be stored in the ‘activities’ library for students and parents to complete at their discretion. Activities may cover topics that would relate to the learning they are missing whilst not in school or simply fun drawing, writing, recording tasks or links to websites.  All website links will be vetted by staff before sending to students to ensure student e-safety. In order to complete activities at home and post student work, families need access to the Class App or they will need to log in as a student from app.seesaw.me from a computer. Families can still use the Family App to view their child’s work and announcements sent by their teacher and Highfurlong office. Activities sent to students are accessible by clicking on the activities tab on the main page of the seesaw app. For more information about how we use Seesaw at Highfurlong click here.

Lexia Core5

As a further home learning resource for students, Highfurlong has purchased Lexia Core 5.  Lexia Reading Core5 consists of 18 levels for students in Pre-K through Grade 5. Each level has a visual theme in which the program content is presented.  Each level has 5 activities for a total of 89 activities. Lexia licensing allows Highfurlong families to install the program on their devices at home, enabling students to access Lexia using their personal computers and tablets in the form of an app downloaded from the app/play store and via direct internet access through LexiaCore5 website https://www.lexiacore5.com/. Each student has their own unique username to access learning from home which is given to them in the printed work packs.  To be used as an effective learning tool it is recommended that Lexia be used for a total of up to 20 minutes per day.

School work pack

Upon a school closure or extended absence, all students will be allocated with a home learning pack of resources.  The pack contains writing equipment and worksheets/activities which are chosen from either a sensory or academic to best suit the type of learner.  During a school closure, if parents/carers request additional worksheets to complete at home then Highfurlong staff will try their best to supply additional learning papers. Additionally, a home study workbook can be located here.