Hydrotherapy Pool

Highfurlong School hydrotherapy pool

Highfurlong School has its own hydrotherapy pool. The pool depth is 0.9m and it is 6m in length x 4m in width and holds 21,600 litres. The temperature is between 32-34 degrees. Hoists are available.

Students with physical needs benefit from hydrotherapy in school. Our hydrotherapy pool is equipped with sensory lights, music and is completely accessible for all. We provide floats and rings which allow the children to swim unaided which is amazing to see. Our students often struggle with physical pain and hydrotherapy allows them to exercise, stretch and relax. We use our pool on a daily basis within school and also provide after school swimming.

We have therapy trained staff and lifeguards who are able to support the therapy needs of our pupils under the direction of physio and occupational therapists.

Why is Hydrotherapy beneficial?

  • Gentle exercise is more manageable in warm water, while water supports much of the body weight the resistance of the water helps to strengthen muscles.
  • Maintaining mobility enables disabled or elderly people to keep their independence.
  • Hydrotherapy also helps maintain health and prevent disease internally and externally and improves blood circulation, relax tension in the tissues, alleviates pain and calms the nervous system.