Curriculum Maps
For each subject area in the curriculum the overall coverage is displayed on Curriculum Maps. These maps share the intent, implementation and impact of each subject. Each have a flow chart showing how we assess pupils across every phase in school. Following this, the coverage in each term from EYFS throughout school to Key Stage 5 is mapped out sequencing learning and reflecting the progression of knowledge. The maps also show the expectations for the academic cohort and sensory cohort. It shows the key language and reading opportunities. Our ‘beyond’ curriculum is also mapped out showing trips, events and additional enrichment opportunities.

Our curriculum is flexible which allows teachers to differentiate learning to suit the variety of needs within each class family. Students are placed into groups of students of similar age and we ensure that each student has a peer group within their class. Throughout the school all classes have a mix of abilities including academic and sensory learners. This is reflected in planning and delivery of lessons. We ensure that all students have access to their National Curriculum entitlement, which is adapted to compliment each students personal pathway within our curriculum and assessment offer. Our curriculum coverage goes way beyond the expectations of the National Curriculum in all phases of school. Skilled teachers are able to teach in a way which can overcome barriers to learning and provide the support which allows all students to make progress. Whether this be incorporating special provision such as sensory-diets and Assistive and Augmentative Communication (AAC), behavior support or adapted resources all learners build upon prior knowledge. Our curriculum also provides challenge to stretch all learners to make good progress. 

Teachers across the school work collaboratively to plan subjects and share their expertise in order to provide our students with the highest quality learning offer. Planning is dynamic and adaptable with an overarching sequence of learning. This ensures clear progression and a build up of sufficient knowledge for future learning and employment. Teachers also use the knowledge of our highly skilled support assistants to guide lesson planning. Planning templates are provided which reflect the curriculum areas and all lessons are planned with both a sensory and academic learning plan.

Personal learning plans
All students have personal learning plans (PLPs) with individual targets to work towards. These are accessed and utilised across the school to ensure teaching and learning links to assessment. The PLPs provide focus when gathering evidence of students meeting their learning outcomes. All PLPs reflect bsquared assessment, Reading River phonics, interventions, pupil premium and interventions. PLPs are in addition to our Education and Heath Care Plan (ECHP) targets which are set and monitored for individual throughout the year.

We have amazing facilities which are utilised throughout the week. At Highfurlong we ensure that students access learning beyond the classroom. These include our very own Hydrotherapy Pool, Enterprise Shop,
Life-Skills Room, Interactive Sensory Room, Traditional Sensory Room and Outside area. All of our facilities are created to be accessible for all including things such as a wheelchair roundabout and swing.