Inclement Weather / School Closure Information

Emergency Arrangements

We will always endeavour to open the school, but in cases of severe bad weather that may affect access to our essential services, closure may be unavoidable. During severe weather please listen to the local radio station, Radio Wave and their information bulletin. If the school will remain closed then details will be broadcast from approximately 7am onwards.
We will also send you a text message or email using Groupcall Messenger. This is an electronic means of communicating with parents and carers via text or email. It is very important that you inform school of any changes to parental telephone contact numbers and email addresses. Urgent messages will also appear on Facebook.

Collecting your child

If school closure is announced during the day due to severe weather conditions, every effort must be taken to collect your child as soon as possible. If you personally cannot get to school, or you work out of the local area, please have a contingency plan ie please nominate an adult to collect your child in your absence and organise this beforehand as the weather forecast is likely to have alerted us to the fact that the weather may become hazardous during the day. Please make sure that we have at least two current contact numbers, in case we need to contact you urgently.