All of our pupils have the right to the best education possible. We have designed our Curriculum around their individual needs with our school vision in mind: ‘Inspire, Challenge, Believe’.

Our curriculum is an all-through education offer which is adaptable for students aged 2-16. The curriculum is sequenced in a way which allows pupils to accumulate knowledge as they grow, building upon skills they already have. Learning is engaging, fun, pitched at the appropriate level and provides a breath of real-life, enriching experiences and opportunities that go beyond the classroom. We aim to prepare students to be as independent as possible with knowledge and cultural capital to become effective citizens and successful in later life, their future learning and employment.

Our bespoke curriculum is designed to be delivered under 5 headings: Think and explore, Play, Create and Inspire, Move and Communicate. All National Curriculum core and foundation subjects are incorporated under the different curriculum areas alongside wider curriculum opportunities. The curriculum is delivered in 2 parts- sensory and academic but is ultimately adapted to support and challenge all learners.

The 5 Curriculum areas are used throughout all phases in school with adaptions to the content to meet the needs of pupils at different ages.

Within Think and Explore, students access their core subjects which links to, but is not limited to the expectations of the National Curriculum. Through quality lessons such as English, Maths and Entry level delivery, we support the students to develop vital academic skills. We teach students how to become critical thinkers and to explore new concepts.

We want all learners to have a thirst for learning and to be able to retrieve and maintain new knowledge and skills.


Create and inspire allows us to support our students to develop their creative thinking. This could be through activities such as Art, Music, Performance or Enterprise. During these activities we aim to build confidence whilst students learn and master new skills and foster individual talents and interests. Enterprise is a huge part of our curriculum. Students create a business where they design and make products to sell for a profit in our on-site shop – The Gift Box.

At Highfurlong we have a weekly Move day. All students access physical activities. All students have a bespoke move curriculum depending on their physical needs and abilities.

We deliver MATP (Motor Activity Training Program) sessions for students with physical needs.

We deliver active Maths and Literacy, mindfulness and wellbeing, active play, Entry level P.E and special activities such as wheelchair basketball as part of our Move offer.

Communication is a vital part of our curriculum and all students access Communicate sessions. Pupils engage with activities which promote conversation skills. These sessions are adapted to suit the individual communication needs of our learners with the ultimate end goal of becoming effective communicators – an essential life skill. Our PSHE and Citizenship sessions are also included as part of our communicate offer.

Through play activities students practise key academic skills such as reading and counting through a range of play activities. A very important aspect of play is to develop communication and interaction skills like taking turns, sharing and following rules, which are often away from the confines of a computer screen or ICT device. Play is an opportunity to put into action the key personal and social skills developed in other areas of the curriculum.