A.I.R (Activities Independence and Respect) was set up to offer social opportunities to Highfurlong students past and present aged between 13 and 25.

Past activities include the Friday night youth club, meals out, cinema and concert visits, shopping trips, Film Club and the Summer Ball or Prom.  The A.I.R committee organises events and any ideas from its members will be considered.

If you would like your son/daughter to become a member please fill in a Membership form and return to Highfurlong School.  The membership form comes in three parts please complete each of the three pages.  It is your responsibility to inform the A.I.R committee of any changes in personal information.

Any members with specific support needs will be required to employ their own P.A to support their needs at A.I.R events.

Membership runs from the beginning of September  until the end of August.


A.I.R. was formed in 2007 by a group of Highfurlong students who were dissatisfied with their lack of opportunities to access the local community, including social and leisure activities, due to them having a physical and or learning difficulty. A few of the students were able to access support for such opportunities, but those who did, felt that the 1:1 support provided by a care agency did little to enable access and independence for a group of friends wanting an improved social life. Social Services were unable to provide the type of service the young people required.

“We want to hang out with our friends, to get used to places, building our confidence up and having a good time, but at the same time learning to be more independent” – Hayley.

“It is important to see your friends outside of school, but it can be more difficult if you have a disability” – Michael.

A small working party conducted some research relating to what young people with disabilities wanted from increased access to social and leisure opportunities and put together a DVD and completed an application for the Youth Opportunity Fund.

The bid was successful and £20,000 was awarded, the group –A.I.R. (Activities Independence and Respect) was formed.