Why your voice matters


At Highfurlong we believe that the best way to provide a powerful and effective school experience for our incredible students is to work closely with you, our parents.  With your insight, working as a home-school team helps us to understand your child more deeply and in turn create more imaginative and memorable pupil-centered learning experiences in school.  In addition to this we want to know your views on our outstanding school; does anything need to change, could it be better, what is working well for you child?

We want to consult with you on a range of important issues. Consultation can happen informally, on the telephone and via Seesaw or formally through completing one of our surveys sent out through Seesaw.  We aim to complete our Seesaw surveys on a termly basis unless we are unable to due to unforeseen circumstances.  In addition, we have a ‘suggestion box’ for parents in our main entrance.

The views of parents and carers are important in helping us offer the best possible service, and in helping to shape the future direction of the school. We employ a ‘You said, We did’ system whereby we will act on the suggestions you provide through your feedback.

In the sections below you will find the surveys completed with parent feedback.

Thank you for your input parents.

Academic year 2019-2020 

Academic year 2020-2021