Phonics Scheme

At Highfurlong we believe that all learners have a right to learn to read. Through our bespoke phonics scheme and reading pathway ‘Reading River’ we offer a range of teaching and learning resources to provide learners with appropriate support and challenge to become effective readers. This scheme can be used in a mainstream or SEND setting. As our learners at Highfurlong may not be working at expected national levels our phonics scheme is not required to link to specific age groups. It can be used throughout all school years where required. In addition to reading and writing skills Reading River intends build confidence, communication skills and a love for reading. 

Reading River is based on synthetic phonics in line with the DFE ‘Letters and sounds’ guidance. Learners will move down the river stopping at different animals which represent phonics phases 1 to 6. Most learners will follow phonics, but some make take an alternative pathway into word reading. This is called ‘Reading Rapids’. As learners reach the end of the river they will become ‘Explorers’ and will access Post Phonics where they will build on the skills they have learned throughout Reading River and will focus on increasing vocabulary, knowledge and reading comprehension. 

Resources have been created to support all learners with SEND to access phonics. We use a range of reading schemes which link directly to each phonics phase. 

Parents will be supported to access phonics and reading at home through training and a parent guide. 

Classrooms will have a Reading River set and will display phonics relevant to learners in each class to provide tools for a positive learning environment.