Highfurlong School Play

As part of our bespoke curriculum Play is an important element to all key stage phases. Through play activities students will practise key academic skills such as reading and mathematics whilst learning how to follow instructions and rules. They will learn vital social skills such as sharing and taking turns. A key aspect of play will be to develop communication and interaction skills which are often away from the confines of a computer screen or ICT device.

In Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) the pupils will learn through play and continuous provision which provides lots of learning opportunities around topics they enjoy. The pupils that follow a sensory pathway will be given opportunities to explore a range of textures and tactile messy play, giving the pupils opportunities to make requests and gain preferences.

Those pupils that follow the academic pathway will learn how to work within a team and follow instructions to play a range of traditional board games and outdoor games. As the pupils progress through school to key stage 5 they will continue to build upon these skills throughout their learning journey. Play is an opportunity to put into action the key personal and social skills developed in other areas of the curriculum.