Remote Education

At Highfurlong School attendance is of high importance for pupils to enable them to get the most out of their school experience including making progress, wellbeing and wider life experiences. However we do recognise that due to the complex medical needs of some of our pupils this is not always possible.

Remote education should not be viewed as an equal alternative to being in school. 

There should only be limited circumstances where a pupil is unable to attend school but is able and well enough to continue their education remotely. These circumstances should only involve a short-term absence and might include: pupils recovering from shortterm infectious illnesses, pupils preparing for or recovering from some operations, or pupils recovering from injuries where attendance might inhibit recovery.

In some exceptional cases, these circumstances might also include pupils whose  attendance has been affected by a special educational need or disability (SEND) or a mental health issue. In these circumstances, and after the pupil’s absence from school has been established, we would consider providing pupils with remote education on
a case-by-case basis. This would be part of a plan to reintegrate back to school, and only when it is judged that providing remote education would not adversely affect the pupil’s return to school.  This would only be on a short term basis. 

Pupils who are unable to attend school due to a medical need i.e recovery from an operation will be provided work from the school’s SENCO and curriculum lead, if absent from school for more than 15 days. Some pupils with  may not be able to access remote education without adult support. We would work collaboratively with families and put arrangements in place that allow our pupils  to access remote education successfully.  Our aim is that should any individual pupils need to be at home for any extended period, they can still access a curriculum appropriate to their needs and abilities, so that, as far as possible, pupil progress and well-being is not negatively impacted. This will include tasks that are intended to promote their physical and mental wellbeing.

Teachers will use their professional judgement to provide the most engaging and accessible ‘personalised’ learning resources and support appropriate to the needs of each pupil in their class (and their families) to ensure continued progression. 

Our remote education offer ensures that learners continue to engage in learning, including skill maintenance and developing home and community-based skills. Where applicable, these learning opportunities will require adult support.