Resilience at Highfurlong

Highfurlong has a ‘Resilience Committee’ which consists of students who focus on helping all pupils become more resilient.

There are several definitions of resilience including:

– Bouncing Back, Bouncing Up or Bouncing Forward

– Doing better than you’d think given the circumstances

– Beating the odds

The school uses the following definition to describe resilience:

‘Beating the odds, whilst also changing the odds’.

The committee meets frequently  with Nathan Parker Youth Engagement Lead with Headstart who supports the committee with school and community projects.  Headstart is a Big Lottery Funded programme aiming to build resilience in young people across Blackpool.

The committee have introduced  ‘Pupil of the Month’ for each class where pupils can vote for their  peers for outstanding achievements and kindness. The pupils design and produce ‘compliment cards’ that pupils can give out to their friends to promote self esteem and emotional health and wellbeing.  

In addition, the committee members have introduced resilience into Enterprise lessons by producing Resilience framed quotes, cards and postcards.  

The work of the committee has been recognised by the local media and the school has been featured on the Radio wave website, in a Blackpool Gazette report and on That’s Lancashire television channel.

The pupils have opportunities to attend conferences to present the work they have completed on resilience.  This increases their confidence, self esteem and emotional wellbeing in addition to improving their resilience.  Resilient children and young people are better able to cope with stress and loss, build stronger relationships and achieve greater self-esteem.