Here at Highfurlong we like to celebrate every achievement, big and small, of all our students.  


We use an interactive, child friendly app as our evidence collection tool within school for all work completed by our students.  Seesaw integrates technology into all learning areas and strengthens communication regarding student learning between home and school.

Seesaw gives the children the creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning in real time as well as share their achievements with family members as they happen.

This initiative is in line with the Highfurlong School Development Plan and developments the already positive relationships we have with our parents to further increase our parental engagement by maintaining consistent parent/school communication.

Seesaw provides each individual child with their own Learning Journal held securely online, with no open access to the internet. Parents and carers are given their own login and all our staff are given a secure log-in.

Parents can change their settings so that an email is then automatically generated informing them when an observation has been added so they can have a look and add any comments of their own.

When your child joins our Highfurlong family, we will show you how to download the Seesaw parent app in school and give you a unique QR code for your child.  The Seesaw family app is available from the app store if you have an Apple device or on the play store if you have an Android device.  The app icon will appear as the image to the right and a link is at the bottom of this page.

Who can access Seesaw?

You can choose to share your login details with extended family if you wish, so they can see your child’s Learning Journal. All new users will need to be approved by the class teacher, who may ask you about new requests that are made in order to safeguard our students.  This can be arranged by providing a family members email address to school to grant immediate access.


At school, staff have access to all of the children’s Learning Journals.  The only other people that can see your child’s account will be yourselves and anyone that you share your log in details with, such as Grandparents etc.  If your child is featured in a group observation, their photo may appear in another child’s Learning Journal.


How can I view my child’s Learning Journals?

Once logged in, you will see your child’s observations on your home screen in a list – selecting any one of these will open up the picture/video for you to see. You can also add comments in the box at the bottom of the observation if you would like to – and we would love to receive such comments as it will give our students a fantastic boost to their self-esteem!

There are two ways you can respond to your child’s post: Like and Comment. How often you do this is up to you. There will be times when it is appropriate to simply like a post to acknowledge to your child you have seen their work. Other times you may want to: Ask questions that challenge their learning, give constructive feedback or provide an ‘even better if’ comment.  Each of your interactions with your child’s journal will undoubtedly put a smile on their face.

What information will I receive from Seesaw?

Class Teachers and the Highfurlong office will share announcements about assemblies or events happening within school so please remember to check Seesaw regularly.  This information may be related to our school as a whole or be class specific and the parent inbox section of seesaw works alongside other communication systems that are already in place such as Phone Calls and Letters.  Parents can message class teachers directly using the Seesaw app and we will endeavour to answer any queries as soon as possible during school hours. Teachers may not respond to messages that may be too sensitive and require a face-to-face meeting, which can be organised through the school office.

Why are we communicating this way?

As digital devices become more embedded in our lives, our children need to be aware how to use them responsibly, creatively and productively. This level of integration into our lives means that standalone Computing lessons are no longer sufficient or as effective at teaching children embedded digital citizenship. We only have to look at the contents of comments on public platforms such as YouTube to know that there is a large amount of unawareness of how to talk to each other from behind a computer screen.

By exposing our students to a safe, digital, social environment as early as possible, we are also exposing them to brand new learning of how to be better at screen relationships, communication and the how to use technology responsibly – how to be the digital citizen of the future that the world so desperately needs. How do you deal with feedback? How do you respond when you can’t see how others react? Seesaw is designed to be child-led. This means that, as a school, we will actively encourage your child to take ownership of their work and help them to share this with you. Experience and research has even shown that the quality of children’s work has increased when using sharing platforms such as this due to the child knowing there is an active audience. By all the participating members of Seesaw engaging in this, we can practice this vital way of communicating in a safe, moderated environment.

Can I opt-out?

Yes you can.  However, Seesaw is the schools way of communicating your child’s learning and the way the teacher will send announcements and reminders. Should you not wish to use Seesaw, you will not receive these updates.

The school priorities for using seesaw

Priority 1: To develop an efficient method of recording the work, evidence and achievements completed by all students in school including those from home.  This will create a digital portfolio of all work completed throughout a student’s academic journey in school.

Priority 2: The digital portfolio created for each child will contain and allow for efficient evidence collection to support the judgment of children’s academic progress alongside our B-Squared assessment tool in addition to external moderation events.

Priority 3: Successful Students: embedding effective feedback strategies to meet students’ level of skill and expertise. Seesaw is an efficient and innovative use of technology resources by students and staff. Seesaw teaches children how to share safely and responsibly in a closed, online environment.

Priority 4: Positive Relationships: by maintaining consistency in positive parent/school communication.

Useful links

To read our Seesaw policy for school please click here.  The policy outlines how to use Seesaw and other technologies for home learning as well as appropriate usage for all parties; students, parents and staff.

If you wish to download the student Class app to an Apple device please click here.

If you wish to download the student Family app to an Apple device please click here.


Help form

We really hope that you enjoy using Seesaw and that it helps to keep you feeling informed about your child’s learning.  If you have any questions or problems using Seesaw then please contact Mr Birtles using the form below.  Please make sure you type your child’s name in the message box along with any specific issues you are experiencing and we will respond as soon as possible.

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