Here at Highfurlong we like to celebrate every achievement, big and small, of all our students.  

We use an interactive, child friendly app as our evidence collection tool within school for all work completed by our students.  Seesaw integrates technology into all learning areas and strengthens communication regarding student learning between home and school. Seesaw gives the children the creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning in real time as well as share their achievements with family members as they happen.

This initiative is in line with the Highfurlong School Development Plan and developments the already positive relationships we have with our parents to further increase our parental engagement by maintaining consistent parent/school communication.

Priority 1: To develop an efficient method of recording the work, evidence and achievements completed by all students in school including those from home.  This will create a digital portfolio of all work completed throughout a student’s academic journey in school.

Priority 2: The digital portfolio created for each child will contain and allow for efficient evidence collection to support the judgment of children’s academic progress alongside our B-Squared assessment tool in addition to external moderation events.

Priority 3: Successful Students: embedding effective feedback strategies to meet students’ level of skill and expertise. Seesaw is an efficient and innovative use of technology resources by students and staff. Seesaw teaches children how to share safely and responsibly in a closed, online environment.

Priority 4: Positive Relationships: by maintaining consistency in positive parent/school communication.

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