For all children the Sensory Curriculum provides a means of understanding, developing awareness and making sense of their surroundings. For some children the Sensory Curriculum provides prerequisites for accessing other areas of the Curriculum.

The Sensory Curriculum seeks to help the children improve, use and integrate their visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and kinaesthetic awareness and skills.
Highfurlong School believes that the teaching of sensory skills is vital to the development and enhances the experiences of pupils of all abilities.

The school promotes the sensory curriculum through:

• The sensory timetable.
• Tac pac activities.
• Objects of reference.
• Use of the Sensory room.
• Sensory elements through the creative curriculum.
• Working closely with VI, Occupational therapists and speech and language therapist to enhance curriculum through sensory activities.

Conor’s Corner

Conor’s Corner was funded by the Cartmell family in memory of their son Conor. The room is a traditional sensory room that offers a relaxing and calming environment.

The room consists of a heated waterbed with incorporated sound system, bubble tubes, hammock and much more.

Variety the children’s charity Sensory Room

The Immersive Sensory Room was funded by the Variety Children’s Charity. This fabulous resource is an immersive sensory system, featuring an interactive floor and walls.

The floor and wall projection responds to body movement when it is detected by the overhead cameras.

The room creates a complete sensory environment by enabling all pupils even those with very limited movement to alter the environment.

Any image, video and audio file can be added to the many effects so it can be specifically targeted for each pupil.

The room gives an exciting and engaging interactive experience for all.