Date of Survey

17th December 2020

Number of parental



Question One

Thank you to everyone who responded to our questions, this is and excellent start to our regular surveys.




With the aim of increasing the number or participants in future surveys we will be advertising the surveys on our Twitter and Facebook page to alert parents to the Seesaw post.




We have resent the Seesaw QR code out to parents who have not yet used Seesaw.

Question Two

This is a fantastic result of happiness in school.  One of the reasons we were voted the UK’s HAPPIEST SCHOOL in 2019!

Question Three

This is another amazing response.



At Highfurlong we work hard to maintain a safe and secure environment for all of our students to thrive in.




We have a detailed safeguarding policy which is shared and read by all staff as well as regular safeguarding updates.




Every staff member has also completed safeguarding courses through the Blackpool Council ipool training.

Question Four

All of our staff take great pride in the role they play in school.


They will always go the extra mile, as proven during the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic when regular contact was made via Seesaw, telephone and through face to face home visits when food parcels were delivered.

Question Five

This is another positive response.


We try our upmost to ensure every parent is contacted about events and use a variety of media including Seesaw, telephone, facebook, twitter, the school newsletter and home-school diary.

Question Six

As the above answer, we contact parents in as many ways we can and try to use the preferred method of communication for that particular parent.

Question Seven

This question was used to determine is there was a particular format that parents preferred to use. As the results show there was a consistent preference across our main forms of contact we will continue to use all three to inform parents.

Question Eight

As a result of this response, the Seesaw link on the parent page of the school website has been update with more information and instructions of how to achieve the most from the app.

Question Nine

This is another positive response and we continue to make it as easy as possible for messages to be sent to class staff.


The most frequent forms of contact arrive to class staff via telephone or through the messaging system integrated within the Seesaw app.

Question Ten

Another very positive response.  Class staff will always try their best to respond to parents through Seesaw during the school working hours and usually accept telephone calls if not teaching.  In the case that a member of staff cannot receive the call, they will return the call as soon as possible.



Messages can be sent between family members and staff via Seesaw and our home-school diaries, which are checked daily, can be used for written message, in which case staff will respond by the end of the day.

Question Eleven

We are very proud of the educational offer we tailor and provide our students.  Education is forever changing and we endeavour to be at the forefront of SEND education, leading the way with new and inventive methods of teaching and use of technology.


To help us achieve this, all staff take part in regular CDP training in a variety of topics to ensure we better our practice.

Question Twelve

Our staff offer the best for our students.


If an issue ever arises with a child’s barrier to learning, staff will aim to seek a solution and continue teaching their students in a method which best suits their style of learning.

This is a positive response.  Recently a great deal of effort has been put in to overhauling our curriculum to adapt to guidance from the government.  Our children receive an incredibly tailored curriculum which in our opinion is the best of the best.


To address the new curriculum implementation, we arranged a parent assembly to inform parents of the changes in their child’s educational offer and what to expect.


To further explain the new curriculum you can find a presentation by clicking here.

Question Fourteen 

The team always has the best interests of the students at heart.


We are always trying to better our practice in school to assure our school is leading the way in SEND education.


We are always ready to listen to new ideas and act upon them if we feel they would improve the quality of our students educational life and beyond.




We endeavour to keep parents update with any alterations to their child’s education in school.

We have begun to alter many sections of our website to ensure information is easy to find and it is accessible for it’s visitors.



The parent page has undergone an overhaul with more items to be added.  We have tried to provide parents with as much useful information as possible to help their children thrive both in school and at home.



More sections of the website will continue to be updated periodically.



As always, if you are unable to find the information you require please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Following this response we have begun to put together a series of small parent event.  Following class assemblies, parents of those students will be invited to remain in school for additional time to take part in various activities related to their child’s learning.  These may take the form of reading and phonics sessions, interactive maths sessions with idea for how to implement ideas at home or kinaesthetic art/DT session.


We will alert parents to these events using the usual method of communication and hope to see you all there.



Below are some pictures of an art/DT activity following a parents assembly

Question Eighteen

“The dedication the staff provide to each an every child”

“If a problem arises we know we can contact the school and its dealt with prompt”

“The staff are very helpful and are available to contact or one to one to have a chat. If not then we can arrange to visit school for a chat. I can’t fault it, all the staff are excellent that’s why Highfurlong is the happiest school in the uk and I one happy father who knows my son will always be schooled correctly and not put under any pressure. Thanks to all staff”

“Very welcoming”

“Friendly and supportive”

“This is a unique and special school in every aspect. It’s not one thing it is everything. This school is a role model, an example of special education at its best”

“Friendly, approachable staff. Happy atmosphere. Attitude towards pupils and behaviour management”

“My child enjoys it”

“The way they look after my child”

“There are so many best things. The children and staff. The dedication given to each and every child making school life fun to learn. The support given to parents. The fantastic school shows. The enterprise shop is remarkable”

“How happy my child is to go to school, she would go everyday! A very happy child means a very happy mummy! As a parent I am very happy knowing my child is so well known by staff….all her care and medical needs and all her own quirks! Everything is personalised to her own needs”

“The school is outstanding in supporting the children and parent/carers”

“I feel the entire team value and care for my child as much as we do as parents and there is no more that can be asked for in a school”

“It being the happiest school”

“Everything they do for the children”

“My daughter’s happiness while in school”

“The headteacher and amazing staff”

We were overwhelmed by the responses to this question.



Thank you to all our amazingly supportive parents for your kind comments.



We will endeavour to continue providing your children with the very best child-centred educational offer that they all deserve.😊

Question Nineteen 

“In our eyes Highfurlong has hit the highest, we feel we would be picking if we added anything”

I can’t really better it. The school could have their budget increased so they can arrange all the beautiful things that are done for all of our wonderful talented children.  Thank you”

Sometimes notice for events etc is haphazard and we have missed the odd event”


“Greater daily focus on basic reading and writing skills for those who require it”

“More younger aged after school groups”

“Nothing at all”

“A bigger car park facility”

“I love seeing photos on seesaw….but I appreciate how much time this takes for each child”

No improvement needed already outstanding”

   “Pick up the site and move it to a quieter area to make access for the transport and parents easier”
“A club over the school holidays- even if I have to pay. The break (especially in summer) is so long and it’s difficult to console her about not being in school”

As above, we are happy to hear that many of our parents believe we are already providing the best possibly offer for themselves and their children.

  • Actions taken from responses

Unfortunately, due to the position of our school and surrounding land, we are unable to extend our carpark facilities in any way.  In order to help reduce issues with parking at the end of the day and further improve the safeguarding of our students we have revised the procedure for the departure of council transport.  Access to the carpark is closed once the buses arrive and will only open once all students are safely escorted to on their respective buses in groups.  We thank you for your patience at the end of the day.

To increase the amount of time spend developing reading and phonics skills we have amended our daily timetables to ensure that more session are available for staff to support students.

We offer a range or afterschool clubs to enrich our student’s lives whilst at school.  Currently students can access Youth Club, Boccia Club and Samba Band after school as well as a Sensory Storytime during a dinner time.

To ensure all parents are made fully aware of all future events, we aim to publicise these on all of our social medias, Seesaw, Letters, Newsletter and coming soon a Google calendar available on the parents page of the website.

Question Twenty

“Our son loves Highfurlong so much, he would go 7 days a week.  He’s always jolly when he comes home which indicates he’s happy with all at the school”

“The teachers are amazing and Mr Oldham is a much loved and caring headmaster at Highfurlong school. We have beautiful people and beautiful staff and pupils at the best school in the uk”

“My daughter is 11 years old, it’s been the happiest 9 months of her life since becoming part of the Highfurlong family. Many thanks to everyone.:-)”
“Communication has improved this year using Seesaw. I am still not aware of when/if my daughter receives any other therapies in school (eg SALT) and do not receive any reports or feedback from them. I think it is also assumed that my daughter can communicate information from school to me and this is not the case.”
“A brilliant school with brilliant staff”
  “Well done Highfurlong School you are amazing”
“Choosing Highfurlong has been the best decision for my child”
“Hope school doesn’t change as it works well as it is now”
“Thanks to team highfurlong for everything you do!”

Thank you for your further comments.

  • Actions taken from responses

All Speech and Language targets are currently shared with parents during our annual reviews.  From this comment we will be working with our SALT therapist to increase the frequency of target sharing with the parents of those students who access it.  Thank you for your input.


We will continue to provide parents with regular update of their child’s education through our Seesaw app.



We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who took part in our first survey.  The responses you gave will help us to further tailor and adapt your child’s education to ensure it is the best it can be.  We have put in place arrangements to support those responses that required actions and hope to see a marked difference upon our next survey.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact school if you think we could make more positive changes or if you have any queries about this survey.


Thank you to our parents, you help to make our happiest family school in the UK what it is…