The Gift Box is part of our enterprise offer at Highfurlong School. All the products in the shop are selected or made by our students through or enterprise curriculum.

The Gift Box is a purpose built shop on the grounds of Highfurlong School.  All products sold are produced and made by the pupils of Highfurlong .  The shop is open to the public every Thursday 10.00-11.30 and is ran by our KS5 students.

In 2018 KS4 and 5 pupils submitted a bid for funding from HeadStart,  They were ecstatic when they received £25,000 from HeadStart’s innovation fund, and additional funding from Blackpool Council and other local ward funding.  The Gift Box became a reality.

The Gift Box Opening- October 2019

During enterprise sessions, students plan, cost, produce, advertise and sell the products themselves. Students then earn wages when the profits are shared within each business group. These amounts are entered onto an Enterprise Credit system and students decide how to spend (or save) their money, thus establishing the link between working hard in order to earn wages.

Every penny they earn goes straight back to them!

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